The Mighty and Fabulous Cougar!!!

(My Second Benelli)

These pictures taken just Minutes After The Cougar Arrived!

Found this one on E-Bay, here's the original listing:

Vehicle Description


This is a Benelli Cougar 65cc dirt and street bike made in Italy.  It has 1,785 miles on it.  It has a 4 speed transmission that works perfectly.  It has a speedometer mounted on the headlight. the headlight and tailight work.  Has a chrome headlight guard and a rear luggage rack.  Has a front and rear drum brake.  The main feature of this bike is that it has two sprockets on the rear wheel.  The big sprocket is made for trail riding and hill climbing.  The small sprocket is made for street use.  There is a small tool kit in the side compartment.  The fuel is gas oil mix at 50 to 1 mixture.  The engine runs great and the bike drives fine. The bike was stored more than it was ridden. The rear tire is flat and will need an innertube. The front wheel is 18 inch and the rear wheel is 17 inch. The seat has tape on it since some seams tore out.  This bike has a clear title and can be tagged for street use.  A great little city bike and great gas mileage.  I will not deliver so this bike will need to be picked up.  A down payment of 100.00 must be made within 48 hours of auctions end date.  I can hold the bike for as long as necessary while pickup arrangements are being made.  I will answer all questions.  Thanks for looking.

I won the auction -- but shipping the bike, of course, was another matter...!

When the little Cougar arrived a few months ago, it started on the very first kick!!!  I considered that an auspicious sign, for a 36 year old bike, and it's never let me down since.  I've been driving it all over town at an average of 26 miles per hour, and the thing just goes and goes.  What a fun ride, I can't wait for the Spring.  A terrific, charming vehicle.  All it needed was a new rear tire, tube, and rim strip; that was a saga in itself, but as the pop song goes, "it's all right now."


The Benelli Trial 50 4V (V is for "Velocity," perhaps not the very first word that
comes to mind when describing the Cougar!!!)

Some European Variants of The Cougar,
Photos Courtesy of Ivan Solimini (no relation)

News Flash!  Dateline, April 25, 2007, Santa Fe, NM:  The Cougar has Broken A Clutch Lever!!!  Please Call (505) 913-9050 ASAP if You Can Provide A Spare!!!

FIXED:  Original clutch levers for the Cougar are pretty impossible to find, but there are a lot of different clutch levers that are very, very similar.  I ordered about six items which seemed pretty close, picked one, and installed it.  A little drilling was required, and it isn't perfect, but it's close and works just fine.

NOT FIXED:  As I've been driving the Cougar, it's gotten slower and slower, and seems to lack power.  All sorts of possibilities here, from a clogged exhaust pipe to burned points to stuck piston rings (turns out the Cougar has only one ring (!), so let's say, "stuck piston ring."  But even running at reduced speeds, the Cougar is a fun size, bigger than the Dynamo and smaller than the others.  Kind of like a bicycle!  Mechanic Claudio urges me to tear apart the pipes and clean the gunk out; at only 2,000 miles, it seems unlikely that the engine is already "worn out." Stay tuned for Cougar updates!

To Those Who Might Laugh At The Humble Cougar -- Here is A European Version Doing
Precisely What It Was Built to Do!!!

Leoncino Scrambler?  125CC?
Looks Like A Cougar To Me!!!

News Flash!  Dateline, November 23, 2008, Santa Fe, NM:  The Cougar Gets A New Seat!!!

Before and After Pictures of The Cougar's New Seat!  Say What You Like
About E-Bay, But Where Else Are You Gonna' Find A New Seat
For an Obscure Bike Like The Cougar???

TRY E-Bay!!!!

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