The Tatty Panther!!!

(My Third Benelli)

Looking Solid and Complete, She's Actually Missing Quite A Few Necessary Components!

This thing is a mess but at least it was cheap.  I found it on a website called (specializing in motorcycles that will not start) and had it shipped from its home in Houston, Texas to a motorcycle shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who actually agreed to work on it.  It's missing some parts and definitely a little rough, but I have faith.  One must always have faith in this Benelli business...a quasi-religious enterprise...

Update: I pay the bike a visit on December 18th, and get to see The Panther for the first time!  Rough, yes, but still it seemed pretty solid, vaguely "macho."  I liked the engine, particularly, which looked black and husky and rugged.  And I liked the shop, also.  I am keeping the faith (see above).

NOT FIXED, FAITH LOST, YEARS LATER:  The motorcycle shop, who is storing the thing more or less permanently at no charge, is having trouble finding parts and has given up.  So am I, essentially.  I certainly could have skipped this bike; after all, I have the Enduro which is more or less the same thing, with more motor and in much better shape.  ANY ONE NEED A BENELLI PANTHER PARTS BIKE?  Seriously!  Consider this baby for sale.  Otherwise, sort of, kind of, abandoned.  You win some and you lose some.

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